Wealth Management Workshop

. March 15, 2014

Date: 15th March

Time: 09:00 – 14:30

Venue: Erinvale Hotel

Presenter: John Hibbert from Personal Trust

Bianca Bock:

What was valuable for me was that I got a good insight of things that I was not sure of like short and long term investments. I also now understand what life cover is and why it is an investment. I got a very good idea of why investment planning will be a good thing for the future.

Once I start to earn a salary, paying money into my retirement fund will be essential. The example John showed will be a good way to practically apply now for when I want to retire, so that I can get a good projection. He also made credit cards and loans clear. This will therefore help me think which part of credit is good investment e.g. property vs shopping.

Eben Johannes:

The workshop was interesting and valuable because for me as a young adult, we can fall into many traps and this workshop proved that people can tell you exactly what you want to hear without you reading the fine print and you might believe them. John showed us practical examples about financial terms and what to look out for, because figures can make people become confused. Well done for such an informative workshop! Thank you!

Marinel Bouwer:

Some of the information given was a shock for me and definitely opened my eyes for the future. My parents always complain about money for their retirement, but I never fully realised how much money you will actually need. This is definitely a useful tip for the future and something that I will invest in when I start working. This workshop was an eye-opener for my future. I always think that one day I will make a lot of money, but I never think about insurance, retirement is of my concern, but after today it certainly will be!

I will be more informed about credit cards and the different types of credit.

I will give a lot of thought to investing, especially the equity route.


I have learnt a lot about money today! The part that stood out for me was saving for the future and having insurance. When I start working I will be able to make wise decisions about that I need and what I will be able to afford.

This workshop presented us with a great opportunity to be informed about what to expect in the future. As most of us never think that far but now that I have seen the importance of retirement investment, life cover and all the other wealth management I will try and prepare and plan correctly.

Nathan Theron:

The whole workshop was valuable. I definitely found a great deal of value in everything.

I particularly enjoyed the section of retirement budgeting and planning. I feel that I am walking away from this workshop with a huge advantage and great insight into building wealth. As soon as I am done studying, I want to be able to build a portfolio of investments to spread the risk and ensure wealth. I also want to start planning ahead with regards to financial planning for my retirement.

I feel blessed to have been part of this very valuable workshop.

John was very encouraging and enthusiastic towards us. He was excellent in explaining new concepts to us.

Thank you!

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