Amadeus @ the Playhouse Theatre

. April 5, 2014


Date: 5th April 2014

Eben: The show was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed this very much especially the music and how beautiful it blended in with the play. What was captivating was the fact that the foyer was transformed into a Viennese coffee shop with decadent and delicious cakes (the cake also plays an important part in the play) while the live string quartet played beautiful melodies.

What stood out was how the narrator transformed himself from the storyteller to a dark and jealous character Antonio Salieri and then aging at the same time, switching between so many emotions and anger is really amazing. The play was interesting how Salieri uses his power and charm to destroy the innocent Mozart, going behind his back to cancelling every plan he had, as well as rearranging and criticising his music just to show who is the talented one is between them. However although Mozart has his flaws being childish laughing and making inappropriate jokes one would think he is unworthy of such a talent and perhaps failed to turn his talent into his future.

Antonio Salieri plays with Mozart’s emotions and destroys him slowly but surely, he begins to develop into an alcoholic and eventually this kills him, although there are speculations that Salieri killed him because he was the last to see Mozart. Also what made this plays so interesting was the theme of good versus evil (Salieri VS Mozart) and the prize was fame. And the dark theme throughout the play kept me intrigue and glued to my feet, Although at the end Salieri commits suicide because of guilt or maybe of being infamous.

Yet again an Amazing production Thanks to The Play House Theatre and ECHO.

Thandiwe: The play was very well performed. I liked Mozart’s free-spirited character, he went for what he wanted and cared less about what others were saying.  I really liked the costumes; they were beautiful and made the play even more interesting.  Antonio Salieri’s character was also interesting, it was like he was living a life of someone else and his character confused me in the play but that’s how excellent the story was. It made me want to know exactly how the ending would be like, it was not predictable.

What I learnt from the play was that we are all unique and it brings nothing but shame and regret when we don’t embrace that uniqueness. I also learnt that sometimes God gives us what we ask for, even if it’s not good, to teach us a lesson.

Overall, it was a very good play and I am glad to have watched it.

Mandisa: I enjoyed the play a lot. At first I was confused but with time I managed to understand the play. To me it was also teaching a lesson not to be jealous of the next person because one might end up doing things to hurt the other. The cakes were delicious and I love cake mostly chocolate. I really enjoyed every moment.

Marinel: It was a privilege to attend the show. My mom and I couldn’t believe how big the cast was for the show- we even tried counting everyone.  And the outfits were stunning. I wouldn’t mind living in that century.

It was a bit difficult for me to follow the show, but luckily my mom and I searched on the internet and read up about the show on the internet so it made it easier to follow the show. I think it’s important to read about the show you’re going to watch as theatre doesn’t always directly tell the story.

Bronwyn: Firstly I would like to thank Echo for making it possible for us to watch Amadeus. This was my first time watching a play at the playhouse theatre and I enjoyed it. However plays are not an interest of mine, but there is a first for everything.

I loved that the characters especially the main character is able to play two different roles and be so excellent at it.


Amadeus is a brilliant play and teaches us so many moral values. For example some people will pretend to help you but in the end they only trying to bring you down. Also that people over indulge alcohol to avoid their problems when actually it is only worsening it. Which happens in real life and has a negative effect on the family affected.


Welcome: With regards to the outing I had fun and I was thrilled with the bonding we shared as echo students and the management. The play “Amadeus” was an excellent art by the actors, I enjoyed it a lot. The ending was powerful and horrific but interesting. I learnt that in life I need to mind my actions so that I will not regret them some other day.

Tiana Schultz: What a lovely surprise. The performance was so nice. I did not really come expectant to the show. I was really impressed with the level of acting and the script was so well written. It is amazing that they spoke Italian as well. Very nice touch. The decor and costumes were also great.


I did not know much about Mozart’s life, but I never thought that he was such a young arrogant man. So his character intrigued me.


The main theme that I learnt from was that you should be grateful about the talents that the Lord has given to you. The Lord will give talents to other people that will make you think that they are better than you. But you must focus on your own talents and where you are in your life at that moment.  It does not help to be angry with God. Jealousy can consume you like an illness. The main character could have lived a full life with his wife and his position in court. But he was so focused on bringing someone else down, and he went down with him. I think that it will be a good character trait when you can celebrate other people’s talents.


Masa: When Aunt Des talks about trying new things, I never thought she meant me watching a play about a composer from the ancient day, beautiful costumes, handsome men, pretty women and theatre acting talent.

This was what Amadeus showed me, yes at first I didn’t understand what was going on as the narrator kept on somewhat changing character, then it clicked, I am enjoying a narration being acted out right in front of me, as it happens.

With ECHO you know, you don’t go home on an empty stomach, and for tickling our sweet tooth, that delicious dark chocolate cake got me forgetting about a dentist appointment that might be needed ages after I devoured the slice of cake.

I enjoyed how I was taken back into history to learn on the deceits and attempts by the composers of the ancient days to make it in the world of fame and glamour, how their struggles and troubles have made their names known even in this day and age.

I was taken by the acting ability of the performers and how they showed emotion in portraying the play as the history of classical music unfolded right in front of me, all thanks to ECHO.

When the narrator was talking about how even if people don’t know the truth about Mozart’s death, when they talk about Mozart, his name will come up too as the one who killed Mozart, this got me thinking about the personal branding workshop we had, with the question, if I were to disappear into thin air today, what is it that people would remember me for or by, my brand.

Thank you so much for this experience, and hope we will have more.

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