Are you anything but “social”?

. August 10, 2014 . 3 Comments

by Marinel Bouwer


Are you guilty of checking your phone before saying good morning to someone or is checking social media the last thing you do before you go to sleep? Are you guilty of taking a picture to post on Facebook or Instagram even before you have really appreciated and taking in the surrounding of what you want to take a picture of? Are you guilty organizing a visit with a friend but while visiting that friend, all you do is chat on the phone? Are you guilty of using social media while you’re eating at a table with family or friends?


If you are guilty of any of the above the above, it’s time to take in more of life’s moments.


Sharing news on everyday life happenings on social media makes one wonder; is it really as glamorous as people are advertising their lives on social media? This is a question I ask myself every day while reading posts on social media. Shouldn’t we post less about how great something was and rather show our true feelings more on posts? Is it that important to share a story to your 500+ Facebook friends or followers who don’t even know you that well? I have been to a couple of social events and it always struck me on how quickly a picture has to be taken just to post it on social media so that people can see what a great life you’re living. Stop wanting to share everything on social media and share it with the person you’re making a memory with in that moment.




It is time that we start talking more to one another; leave the I-Pad at home and start playing outside. Use the phone for when it is really necessarily. Start building relationship face to face. Take in your surroundings and make the most of today. You could play a more important part in that person’s life than to be the one to share news on social media for a person to read that has met you once or reading about a person you have never even met.


Life happens when you’re looking down on your phone. Ever wonder what could have happened while you’re looking down on your phone? Maybe you could’ve met your future husband or someone that could’ve played an important role in your life. Or you could’ve played an important role in someone else’s life.


So the next time you’re feeling bored, step away from the phone breathe take in everything around you and start talking to one another.




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