Attitudes shape your destiny

. February 22, 2014

Personal Development

Date: 22nd February 2014

Venue: Clubhouse

Time: 11:15 – 12:30

Facilitator: Lynette Pullen & Hilton Langenhoven


Lincoln Barnabas:

The important thing that stood out for me was the perseverance of Akhona. He had a lot of difficulties but did not let it put him down. Through all his difficulties he has made a success of his life and this inspires me.

I will not let difficulties put me down. I will work hard in reaching my goals.

Bianca Bock:

Both Hilton and Akhona have shown that circumstances do not shape who you will turn out to be. By having the proper attitude, mind set and drive, you are able to achieve absolutely anything you want to be in life.

This workshop will have an impact in building my own drive in life to stay focussed and go for what I want, because the opportunities I have are way more than what they had, yet they still achieved success. So nothing is impossible. I can achieve what I want as long as I have the right attitude!

Edwin Cleophas:

People will always try to bring you down or use you, but by the grace of God you can overcome anything.

I will work hard towards my goals, because these guys are living proof of the endless possibilities when you do achieve them.

Bronwyn de Morney:

Hilton’s story stood out for me. Even though he went through all that hardship he turned out to be successful. His story is a real motivation and inspiration.

I will go the extra mile to be successful and to achieve my goals.

I would educate my students about all the matters and how to deal with them.

Kirsten de Reuck:

Hearing the stories shows practically how your attitude influences things. It was a great reminder and encouragement to hear that with positivity and hard work and perseverance you can shape your future.

In terms of university I need to focus on all that I have done and achieved, instead of what has to come. I need to have a positive attitude.

Eben Johannes:

Listening to Akhona and Hilton’s stories of obstacles and how they overcame them was so inspiring.

What I have realised is that every goal starts with a dream and it all comes with obstacles and temptation, but you are the change agent in making the difference. How this will impact on my life is that one can overcome obstacles in life by being the change agent.

Welcome Masoka:

It does not matter where you come from, your success lies within you as long as you trust in God and work hard. I was truly inspired by Hilton and Akhona’s stories.

I will set smart goals and work towards achieving them. I will always put my trust in God and in so doing I will be shaping my destiny!

Masa Matshayana:

What stood out for me was how Hilton and Akhona persevered throughout their struggles from childhood to what they are today!

How they have achieved so much and proved themselves worthy and continue to work hard and achieve, not giving up. Hilton reaching out to people that had maltreated him – such forgiveness!!!

Mandisa Ndzule:

Obstacles in life are not there to break me, but to help me realise my hidden potential. Their journeys and their successes got me emotional as I could relate to some things but at the same time made me smile when I heard how they persevered and made it like the film “the Blind side”!

Both stories helped me realise that life is not easy, but how I as a person can adapt or change my attitude towards it, which will determine where I am going.

Attitudes definitely shape your destiny! I will certainly be positive, because today I saw people who made it, so why can’t I?!

Randall Pietersen:

The determination of both Hilton and Akhona is very inspiring for me. The rewards that come with hard work stood out for me.

I will definitely make some adjustments to my attitude because I think I might have fallen into a slump

Tiana Schultz:

Wow! Hilton and Akhona’s stories are amazing! For a moment I was pulled out of my world into this, but I was brought back and I need to start thinking about what I can change and where I am going, because now it feels as if I am chasing my own tail and I have so many opportunities that I am not using to the full.

I think I need to set my goals and not let things, my emotions and other people let me stray from them. I have to check my attitude, because I can be very negative at times. I have to engrave it in my mind that I am worthy and that what I do in life has importance.

Nathan Theron:

What really stood out for me was just how Hilton has been able to use the fact that his last medal, only being silver, has motivated him to try harder. I think this story of his life and how he used his circumstances as a motivation to better himself has really motivated me to look at all that I have been given and therefore try harder!

I also want to not let the fear of failure rule my life. I want to actively challenge myself with my fears, which will ultimately bring personal growth.

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