Communications & Orientation

. January 18, 2014

Date 18th January 2014

Venue: Erinvale Hotel

Time: 09:00 – 12:30

Facilitators: Des, Lynette, Jamy, Tracy


Lincoln Barnabas:

Learning about social media etiquette and to communicate more professionally stood out for me. What to do in certain situations and what not to do. The way I communicate will be beneficial in getting a job.

I will be more responsible when communicating with people.

Bianca Bock:

The Blog is a new concept for me. I hope that this blog experience will help me with the basics so that I can use it to express myself. The social etiquette was very well presented. Tracy spoke about the factors of Social Network and has given me food for thought about fixing my social networking practices.

E-mail etiquette will help me in the field of admin which is a basic for any business. Social media and the blog will help me with my applications when applying for my job.

The community projects will give me a chance to take part and give back to the community.

Marinel Bouwer:

Sometimes we know about Social Media awareness, but we don’t always realise what impact our social media acts could have. Hearing about the dangers from Tracy and what could happen in a job situation is good to know, especially now that I am applying for jobs.

In future, I will think carefully before I send an e-mail (not act in anger) and think twice about posting photos on social media.

Edwin Cleophas:

What stood out for me was: e-mail etiquette; Social Media etiquette and workshop etiquette. These stood out and were valuable because it has shown me that I need to respond in these areas in a proper and expected manner. It also helped me to see some of the things that we miss that is taking place behind the scenes.

I will be availing myself to assist and be more aware about my surroundings and needs.

Bronwyn De Morney:

Having met all my fellow ECHO students and learning more about them stood out. I enjoyed the presentation by Tracy on Social Media and the experiences she shared. It opened my eyes more about what to/ what not to put on the social network.

I will have more control over my Facebook profile and my social skills and etiquette will improve.

Kirsten De Reuck:

The time spent on Social Media etiquette stood out for me. It was a good reminder of how or what I post will have an influence on how I portray myself.

I was excited to see how we will be giving back as a group of students.

I will be more cautious of what and how I post things on social media.

I will get involved in the projects and give back.

Eben Johannes:

For me it is always nice to know and hear about new ways of communications., especially when it comes to the EDP. The new ECHO Blog stood out for me. It is very exciting and I am looking forward to writing and expressing my opinions or commenting on the other students’ blog posts.

I will become more aware of important happenings around me on all aspects of different fields and not just the educational field.


The social media etiquette part was very interesting as it spoke about something I participate in every day and in which I have seen things that myself and my online friends have not taken into consideration.

Firstly, what I post online and in the groups or people I associate myself with online will be only for a positive effect on me as a young man.

I will also let my friends who are not part of ECHO know what I have learnt from the workshops and the importance of being in the know about social media.

Welcome Masoka:

The issue of social media stood out for me. The way social media can affect your image in public. So it is very significant to consider what you post, your comments, your pictures and your honesty which can destroy your future opportunities and negatively affect your image in public.

I have learnt that I need to be professional at all times and present myself as mature as possible and constantly boost my knowledge regarding my surroundings.

Mandisa Ndzule:

Feedback is very important at all times. Social Media – I have learnt that my personality has helped me as I am a private individual and I hardly post personal things or outings on my Face Book, so this is good for my image. I am not a blog person, but I will learn.

My personal profile will change a little.

I will start reading blogs.


Randall Pietersen:

The social media session stood out for me. It made me aware of the importance of how you should market/present yourself.

I will make some changes to my Face Book account.

I will update my LinkedIn account.

I will also educate myself more about blogging.

Tiana Schultz:

What stood out for me was the session on blogging. I have always wanted to start a blog, but never knew what to blog about. Maybe the ECHO blog will help me get into the swing of things.

I have realised that I do not reply to all my e-mails, so that the sender does not know that I have received their mail- I will start to do this.

I will also be more aware of the photos that I post on FB and the comments I make about the university and my degree.

I am looking forward to meeting my mentor and will make a point og it to be open and real. I think that I am a private person, so it will be great to know her.

Nathan Theron:

I think this year there was a lot more time spent on the technicalities of what is required of us. I think this was done well and it was made clear to us the direction of which we need to follow to meet the requirements of ECHO.

I will be more efficient in my e-mail replies

I will conduct myself professionally in e-mails & social media.

I will also try to help out in tidying up after workshops.

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