Conflict Management

. October 30, 2014

Facilitator: Lauren Jansen

Date: 6th September 2014

Venue: Erinvale Hotel:

Session 1: 09:00 – 12:30

Bianca Bock:

I think we all have our own personal conflict situation which we are faced with daily. This workshop helped me personally identify what my conflict management style is so that I can use it and understand how I personally respond to it. Conflict will always be there, but I think it’s about how I respond to it, manage it and how I can use conflict situations as an opportunity to grow. Quote for the day: Conflict is the problem to be solved and not a battle to be won.

Bronwyn de Morney:

This workshop has opened my eyes to how I should be dealing with conflict. I enjoyed the quiz because I thought my conflict style was compromising & collaborating, however after completing the quiz I saw that my style is “avoidance”.

Eben Johannes:

The workshop was really nice and very practical. The part of identifying my personal conflict style was nice because I got my personal style right, but actually learning about my top 3 styles and how I am incorporating all 3 into my daily life.

Welcome Masoka:

The workshop was very important to me and I believe to everyone. This workshop taught me a lot about my own conflict management styles and I got some interesting views of how to manage different conflicts.

The effective ways of managing conflicts will help me a lot in my personal life and in my relationships in general.

Masa Matshayana:

It was surprising and exciting to learn that conflict is not all about the bad things that come to our minds and how it could help us become better people and manage situations in a way that gives everyone a chance to voice their opinion without clashing.

The paraphrasing tip is awesome, as I often wait for a person to say “whatever” they say and then I fire my opinion without actually understanding what they meant. Also discovering and confirming my style when it comes to conflict management allowed me to be self-aware of how I am in conflicts and how I can improve.

Thank you for an awesome and fruitful year of life skills. It has been a wonderful journey. I have learnt a lot.

Thandiwe Mkhetshane:

Lauren was amazing! I really gained a lot from this workshop as at the moment I am dealing with a lot of conflict with my life right now. The exercise we did with the 3 people reflection using paper. This was really good, as it got me to think about the conflict I had with a friend and I actually got to see how they must have felt at that point in time.

Thank you for providing us with such an opportunity to reflect on our personal lives and the other workshops we have had.

Mandisa Ndzule:

I have learnt a lot, as we are dealing with or experiencing conflict in our daily lives. I will apply what I have learnt today. Be calm and apply the knowledge we received here today. Being the observer was easier than being the actual person, because the feelings were neutral. Using the information we received today will be helpful in the future.

Tiana Schultz:

I really loved this workshop. It is something that I will use in my life. I knew that I am an “avoider” and it really affects my feelings and has an impact on my personality.

I make myself feel inferior. So I will have to work on engaging with the person and try to find a solution and not just accepting and moving.

I never use “I” phrases so people do not know how I feel. I will try to tell people what is on my mind, so now they will understand me better.

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