Critical Thinking

. March 8, 2014

Date: 8th March

Venue: Erinvale Golf Club

Time: 09:00 – 12:00

Facilitator: Leila Falletisch

Lincoln Barnabas:

The part that stood out for me was that I could identify with the characteristics of a critical thinker. The clarification questions stood out, as it will help me to think more on a mature level. My initial impression was that this is difficult but with the input from the other students I have a better understanding. I will apply critical thinking in doing my assignments. At the same time I will also have a better understanding on the topic that is being discussed.

Bronwyn de Morney:

Critical thinking has many processes to be looked at before one can make a decision. This workshop is valuable to me because I now have a better understanding of what critical thinking is and how it can be applied.

Before I make a definite decision I will do some critical thinking. When I do my assignments I will spend more time on reading the instructions carefully, instead of just doing the work.

Kirsten de Reuck:

It was particularly valuable to look at the example of abortion in terms of the critical thinking model.

It made me understand how things are never as plainly put as they seem and it is important to evaluate and consider all perspectives.

The fact that Leila brought critical thinking back to academic excellence and how we can use critical thinking in our everyday academic work was very valuable for me especially in reading, assignments and presentations.


The seven steps for critical thinking made me realise that for me to be able to produce a conclusion that is well thought out and convincing I need to not rush it, but consider all the steps very well.

I have courses that are very theoretical which require me to provide argumentative rationale statements and the for projects I have from now on I will follow these steps so as to find the research to produce what is expected of me.

NB: I loved the tone of the workshop, quiet and still. Got my brain juices flowing and me thinking deeply before giving my responses.

Welcome Masoka:

What stood out for me was the whole process of critical thinking and decision making when it comes to problem solving. The process gave me an opportunity to think about my thinking and consider various perspectives before I draw my own conclusions. One thing that this space gave me was a very wonderful opportunity of voicing what I think through considering my thinking critically. Thank you ECHO!

I will now always try to consider a reason for doing whatever I do in my life and look at what I base my choices and decisions on. As a student I believe that my assignments and work in general will improve because I will apply the steps of critical thinking and make sure that I answer the questions that I am given fully. I promise myself to do more research on critical thinking and apply my knowledge in many ways and in various situations.

Tiana Schultz:

What was important for me was that you must focus on the problem and be aware of your own filters. You should try to be open-minded and consider all perspectives. It is an ongoing process. I am looking forward to applying this while I am studying. To think critically about your work will help you question things and learn more effectively in the process.

Before I start my work I want to ask myself what I am reading and ask myself: what are the outcomes that I want to achieve.

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