De Bono Hats

. March 8, 2014

Date: 8th March

Venue: Erinvale Golf Club

Time: 13:15 – 15:45

Facilitator: Leila Falletisch

Lincoln Barnabas:

The De Bono Hats workshop gave me a better understanding with regards to thinking skills. I will apply these skills in time when we have to do an assignment or task – small or big. It will help me when I work in groups and to see how each one in the group can contribute. It will help me to be organized and with planning.

Bronwyn de Morney:

This was a very practical and inspirational workshop. It has helped me to get a better view of which hat I fall under, even though we can apply any hat to a situation. Placing the story/ fairy tale in order was a fun experience, because our fairy tale ended sad, where they normally have a happy ending.

Thank you for the tissue box and the hat theory. Placing different hats into the example of discipline in schools was great.

Kirsten de Reuck:

The example and framework of de Bono Hats really will help identify how different people work and also the different processes and positions of people in a group to make them work more efficiently and thorough.

The example was great and I could see how to practically implement the De Bono Hats, but we could have spent less time on it, as we were just discussing it hypothetically and rather allowed us to leave even earlier to go back and work at home.


I currently have a project with a group of other students for our Information Technology in Business course. I am planning on using or introducing the planning process we learnt in this workshop to them so as to enable us to finish the project timeously and help in producing a well-done project.

Thank you for the tips, they will definitely come in handy.

Welcome Masoka:

This workshop equipped me with critical thinking skills. All the time I don’t need to focus on being right, but at giving sufficient explanation of my reasoning and actions. This means that I’ll improve in my interaction skills with others and work effectively in groups. It has equipped me with leadership skills and I believe that I will be a better teacher who seeks to make a change. Critical thinking is based on experiences.

This workshop was very interesting and attention grabbing and I learnt a lot. Thank you to Leila and ECHO.

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