Diversity Week: Glocal is lEKKEr!

. October 5, 2014

by Bianca Bock



Stellenbosch University celebrated our second annual diversity week. The theme was Glocal is lEKKEr as we celebrate all different diversities across the globe. Each evening there was an event and daily photo booth, writing comments on tables, debating topics and bracelet making session where each bead represents what makes us, us(e.g. one bead meant you’re rural another colour meant that you are urban) . We had diversity competitions such as T-shirt designing and blogging competition. Unfortunately the weather was not that great this year but that did not stop the students from celebrating diversity.



Picture: Tony Houz © Facebook

I attended some of the events and I must say it was great how they were able to bring together people from different backgrounds in one week. We watched performances by Maties Sêr from Venstia (ladies PSO) and Dagbreek (men’s residence), Mario Ogle and dans dans Lisa.

There was also the global food evening which was amazing having a taste of different food from all over the world made by their local people. From mopane worms from Zimbabwe to red wine cake from Germany, sushi from China, injera rolls from Ethiopia and of course South Africa’s famous boerewors. Just looking at the food itself you could see how similar countries are, as the food was very similar to each other and the further they were on the map the more diverse the food. This show just how alike we are, yet we are also unique in our own way. The week also included other performances by Vick Sampson, Crazy White Boy, Desmond and the Tutus, Comedians Chester Missing and Anne Hirsch as well as the Stellenbosch University Choir. The diversity week ended with Comedian musician Deep fried man. He was very entertaining using music as comedy but also got to touch on topics and issues we as the country are faced with daily. After receiving an encore Deep Fried man did not hold back and even addressing the issue of the ‘black face’ which was a big topic on Stellenbosch news radar. So as soon as I knew it the week was over.





I am very happy that the University established an initiative such as this. Although it’s only the start of the event, we as the students should strive towards taking this further. It was our late Rector and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Russel Botman that established this incentive. In his own words he said that the idea “was born from a desire to expand and improve the concept and implantation of inclusivity at Maties”. And what can I say; ECHO students definitely know how important Diversity is to our upbringing as students.  We even have a weekend set aside to educate us about diversity. I think we should keep celebrating diversity because being the same would make life dull . There’s so much to learnt from each other by just being a ‘little’ different.

So feel free to share any experiences of diversity be it at your University, workplace or any event that just made you release how special it is to just be different from each other and enjoy it.


Picture:Stellenbosch University Facebook page





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