Diversity Weekend: Opening Session

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Diversity Weekend 2014

Co-ordinator: Celdri De Wet for the entire weekend


First presenter: Yugesh Pillay 19:00 – 20:00

Topic: Connected

  1. Mandisa Ndzule:
  • This session was the unexpected! The breathing session showed us how to be calm and collected – powerful tool
  • The power of the breath is so amazing and today I learnt that one can survive without certain things in life for days, but one thing you can only last without for a few minutes is your breath, so value it!
  • The group discussion was tense at first as one was thinking about what to share and what not to share, but when one person started sharing and other members commented, one became confident and felt it was fine to open up, because someone else is going through the same phase that you are going through.
  2. Abbey Macfarlane:
  • Be 100% everyday- all the time
  • Don’t be afraid of connecting with people
  • Breathing – the power of the breath
  1. Welcome Masoka:
  • Breathing and mind connection
  • Importance of and different types of diversity
  • We are connected to the earth through different things like family; country; the world itself
  1. Thandiswa Ntisa:
  • I had no idea that breathing could boost energy levels
  • Discussion in groups and sharing the information on a personal level was important to me
  • Overall, this group is amazing!
  1. Marinel Bouwer:
  • All of us has something in common when it comes to connecting people
  • It is interesting to see how quickly you can connect with someone when you start sharing
  • Things that hold us back to connect can be overcome when you talk to someone about it.





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