Diversity Weekend: Saturday Afternoon Session

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Diversity Weekend 2014

Co-ordinator: Celdri De Wet for the entire weekend


Day: 2               2 August

Time:13:30 -16:45

Presenter:Ruth Bruintjies

Topic:Roles and family

  1. Abbey Macfarlane:
  • Family is what has the strongest influence on you
  • This session made me realise how to reach goals
  • I found this session a bit abstract, but enjoyed it
  1. Thandiswa Ntisa:
  • The interesting part about this session was that of diversity within our families and that it might be chaotic at times but we are able to come together and comfort each other and depend on each other
  • The importance of families
  • Symbols of appreciation of our families
  1. Mandisa Ndzule:
  • Placing the page away from me and looking at it as my goal made me realise the obstacles/barriers that prevent one from reaching one’s goal, but this helped me because I saw each barrier as a stepping stone upwards.
  1. Marinel Bouwer:
  • The clay activity made me think deeper about my family and what roles they play
  • The roles each family member has is special and there is a reason for it
  • The paper on the ground was strange and I couldn’t understand the reason for it
  1. Edwin Cleophas:
  • Rainbow story was powerful
  • The clay exercise was great
  • Sharing about what our family means to us

6         Neasa May:

  • Reminder once again how family impacts on your life
  • How they support and help you throughout life
  • Made me aware of how they are really my support system

7         Eben Johannes:

  • Designing a symbol for my family was great
  • Describing my family to others
  • Listening to others and finding out how important families are to them

8         Lex Heiberg:

  • This session was quite abstract and made me think deeply about many things
  • The clay exercise was very interesting and it was nice to hear what other people’s families meant to them
  • Time flies when you are having fun!

9         Pettula Piennaar:

  • Connection with your inner-self
  • How powerful family connection is
  • We are all connected somehow

10     Vikash Gajjir:

  • Showed us a newfound appreciation for the family
  • Experienced a different kind of energy and respect for everyone sharing a space
  • We are all a family

11     Tankiso Awu:

  • The family session was mind-blowing to me!
  • The points that stood out for me were the family connections with regards to background; and support from the family
  • I honestly enjoyed how I see and could share some important points which I found that was in common with other families
  • Connection plays a vital role to bind families in order to reach our goals

12     Jamy Felton

  • I felt that this session explored some very deep topics, some that may not have been obvious to most.
  • I was very touched by the exercise where we had to look back at our ‘ancestors’. It made me realize that we are all where we are because of a long line of women who ensured that each person following them became someone who was able to raise the next generation. And we each influenced one another in some or other way- whether negative or positive. In the end- it all led to me and that truly humbled me.


 Clay Symbols:




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