Diversity Weekend: Saturday Morning Session

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Diversity Weekend 2014

Day: 2           Saturday   2 August

Presenter: Maia Zway

Topic: Roles and gender

Tankiso Awu:

  • The whole gender thing really blew my mind! How we dress; interact with people
  • It is a broad topic which has no wrong or right answers
  • Gender expression can be motivated by gender identity/sexuality


Thandiswa Ntisa:

  • It was highlighted that you do not have to have a penis to be referred to as a man and vice versa
  • The agree & disagree activity on hearing certain statements was powerful and stood out for me
  • The video of the children being interviewed about stereotyping male and female roles was very valuable and made me realise how we push these ideas onto children


  • Mandisa Ndzule:
  • Gender can be defined in different ways. Biologically gender refers to sex: male/female
  • After this session I learnt something that I did not know existed – like pansexual and asexual- when people look gay, but love girls, now I will be able to understand why, because at first I assumed it was caused by confusion
  • I have also learnt that in life there will be differences in gender – female & male. Due to cultural reasons men will have their “man” duties and women will have their” woman” duties.


  • Marinel Bouwer:
  • It was interesting to see what an ideal man/woman would be like and how similar we all want things in a woman/man
  • The way we were raised is the perspective we have as adults
  • This workshop challenged me to think in another way about gender. I usually think in the same way as I was raised, but this workshop made me think otherwise.


  • Neasa May:
  • You don’t always have to fulfil the role given to you by society
  • It is okay for the man to stay at home and look after the kids while the woman works
  • You can be what you want to be – sometimes fulfil a man’s role


  • Lex Heiberg:
  • Glad to discuss gender roles because I feel that there is a real stereotype in society that there is a set role that the mother and father must play. Working in a group and discussing various points of view we came to the conclusion that it is in fact far from that!
  • Parents need to encourage diversity and open-mindedness so that one can think for oneself
  • Every person has a different background so a different slant on things.




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