Diversity Weekend: Sunday Morning Session

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Diversity Weekend 2014

Co-ordinator: Celdri De Wet for the entire weekend

Day: 3Sunday 23August



Topic:Timeline and individual feedback

  1. Abbey Macfarlane:
  • We all have ups and downs
  • Don’t let your downs define you
  • The glass is technically always 100% full – quote Ach
  1. Welcome Masoka:
  • I learnt a lot during this session from everybody’s experience.
  • In life there are good times and bad times and most of the time our mistakes; failures and low points of our life determines our future success
  • Therefore one has to celebrate their success & failures
  1. Thandiswa Ntisa:
  • This was such an amazing activity. We are often very sceptical to share our personal issues with people, especially with those who are not family or friends, but I think with understanding diversity over this weekend we really formed a bond and have built up trust towards one another, which allows us to be more comfortable to share our personal highs and lows.
  1. Mandisa Ndzule:
  2. Marinel Bouwer:
  • The timeline helped me remember things that happened in the past and uplifted me to think that good things happened in the past.
  • Hearing things from others in the group made me realise how privileged I am.
  • Drawing a graph put my life into perspective and I could see how the ups and downs played a role, but there were more ups and downs.
  1. Edwin Cleophas:
  • We all have ups and downs, but it is how we deal with them that makes or breaks us.
  • It was good to hear how the older participants were giving advice to help others
  • The freedom to share openly was great! It really felt like we were all real!!!!!
  1. Neasa May:
  • I once again conclude and realise where I came from and how much I have grown and how much I have changed. Realising how much strength it took from me.
  • When you reflect it helps you to realise that God gave us all that “break- through” exactly at the right time
  • Everything that is given to us we can handle.
  1. Eben Johannes:
  • Amazing as well as emotional journey looking back
  • Talking about my timeline and reflecting on my high and low moments and how it has shaped me in some sort of way
  • Being able to listen instead of judging
  1. Lex Heiberg:
  • I liked the time line graphs which went to prove how everyone has different struggles and issues in life, but what stood out for me was that everyone in my group had a timeline that ended on a high!
  1. Pettula Piennaar:
  • Great – it creates a platform for individuals to relate and understand each other’s backgrounds
  • Helps to discover oneself and explains the deep questions that one has.
  1. Vikash Gajjir:
  • Although we need to trust in the process and cannot control everything, we can control our reactions.
  • If there are no ups and downs, then you aren’t living
  • No single person’s life is perfect – everyone has individual ups and downs that they experience in a unique way to them.
  1. Tankiso Awu:
  • There was emotion and excitement when I reviewed my timeline. Seeing the point where I was when I was young and being able to compare that to where I am currently now.
  • I would say that from seeing this I have bounced back from my 2 low points
  • My lowest point was when I was aged 10 and my parents got divorced and then losing my grand – parents. It was a wakeup call to me and where I defined myself! I conclude that it is okay!!!!
  1. Robin:
  • I think that group dynamics played a huge role; this was so in our specific group.

There were more people of different maturity levels, people not too keen on sharing and then people who shared openly and honestly. Experiencing the group dynamics in itself was interesting

  • The sharing part for myself today was fine as I don’t mind sharing bits of my story, but what stood out for me was the significant points I shared , which were obviously triggered by this weekend’s discussion and that’s definitely something I can explore further myself.
  • In essence, I learnt a great deal (that is new to me) about myself this weekend.
  1. Jamy Felton
  • This exercise helped me to become a bit more reflective upon my life and how far I’ve progressed, which is great because it helps me get a sense of who I really am.
  • I think that in order to assess happiness and sadness in your life, you need to be able to compare it internally ie. Each person has their own thing that qualifies as a low point and high point in their lives that is incomparable to anyone else, and we can only then look at the happiness (which is where I feel I am heading) to the sadness we have already lived.
  • The group sharing always gives me perspective, because whilst you may think that you have problems, your problems may seem so small compared to my group, and I think that my group has completely humbled me. I am so grateful to have heard their stories and what they went through, and I feel so blessed.





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