Diversity Weekend: Wrap Up

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Diversity Weekend 2014

Day: 3Sunday 23August

Time: 11:45 – 13:00

Presenter: Celdri

Topic: General feedback and wrap up

  1. Tankiso Awu:

It was an honour being invited to attend this weekend which was really wonderful!

I have learnt a great deal and the things that stood out for me was the family role in our lives. I was not raised by my mother & father as they were divorced when I was young, but through these discussions I learnt that the family is always supportive. The gender issues stood out as well. I was blown away by the expression- Gender identity! Attraction of gender – there are no rules!!!! We have choices

  1. Abbey Macfarlane:

It was nice to spend a weekend getting to know people of diverse backgrounds. People that I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to get to know. It was also good to get to understand everyone’s thoughts and opinions on diversity especially on gender roles. It was a real eye-opener to see how other cultures influence and shape people to what they are. The best part of the weekend was realising how accepting everyone in this group is and how willing they are to accept diversity.

  1. Welcome Masoka:

This weekend has been for me very crucial to my personal development. In terms of learning and engaging on the different topics around diversity there are many things I am taking away from this weekend. Most importantly for me is the importance of the role in my family and gender. I learnt a lot about different cultures. One thing I came to realise is that we are looking for love which comes in different ways.

I am looking forward to taking this knowledge and spread it beyond the limits in every corner/aspect of my life. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to take part in this auspicious developmental opportunity.

My expectations of this weekend were met perfectly and beyond! I expected to learn a lot and have a lot of fun, and yes I had fun and learnt a lot! I enjoyed the groups where I was able to share my feelings and thoughts.

  1. Thandiswa Ntisa:

What stood out for me is to meet new people who were totally amazing! Each of the diversity weekends that I have attended was just as special and different, because I have learnt such a lot about “diversity”, but from so many different perspectives. I was a student when I attended the previous diversity weekend. It was amazing to be here as a professional with so much to learn! It is amazing that some of the things I have learnt from the diversity weekends have manifested itself in the workplace. From some of the people that I work with I could easily pick up that there is a lot that they need to learn about themselves. What I am taking away is that you can only change yourself to be able to influence the change in others!!!

  1. Mandisa Ndzule:

Started off the weekend with expectations to enjoy oneself and learn from others. The weekend was great and I enjoyed every moment of it. People say that one learns every day and this is true because every diversity weekend I learn new things even things that I thought I knew about or had covered, and yet there are surprizing new things to learn! This weekend has filled me with knowledge from connecting with people, knowing and realising the importance that a family member plays in the family and mostly to recognise that when one is gone. Lastly gender – this part made me curious because it made me think what will be discussed that I don’t know, but amazingly the majority of things were new. The diversity weekends will always be special in that they boost our thinking and equip us with vital knowledge.

  1. Edwin Cleophas:

I really enjoyed the fact that we got to interact with different people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. The sessions were definitely thought provoking.. Reaching a point of real openness and authenticity was amazing!!

7         Neasa May:

What I am taking with me is that there are no mistakes – just life. Everybody just wants love- this really stood out for me! It’s okay! Give 100% all the time. To my colleagues and family give 100% as that is how I want to be remembered. Anything you can control is how you react to a situation.

The weekend was good and I was very happy that I could be part of it. Yugesh had a wonderful session and made me realise that there is beauty in the simple things.

Gender was insightful and I did not realise that so many people had issues on it.

The family session opened my eyes and heart once again. I realised my family has played such a big part, (and always will be my biggest motivation), in who I am today.

Robin & Jamy’s session was fun and put everything together.Sharing and learning from everyone felt good.

8         Eben Johannes:

This diversity weekend was extremely amazing, from the first night to the Sunday afternoon. Getting to know all these people and hearing their stories, mistakes, challenges, as well as setbacks was amazing. For me personally, I love being open and honest. This weekend I have gained a mutual respect for them in allowing us a glimpse of their lives.

The highlight of the weekend was Paint-Shirt-Ball! Listening to phrases and thinking that statement belongs to this person, because they seem so or because of the small amount of information we received was fun. The breathing exercises created a clean, calm atmosphere and I will be using this in my daily life.

Discussing family and gender was important to me because I had a lot and I am still dealing with gender issues. Introducing my family through the exercise and showing the values they installed in me has made me realise just how important they are to me. .

9         Lex Heiberg:

Personally I had an exceptional experience here at the EHO Diversity Weekend. I had a little diversity shock and loved that it opened my eyes with practical examples, mostly coming from the students’ testimonies.

It was absolutely wonderful to connect with everyone and make loads of new friends! I learnt so much from them and I actually feel honoured that they have trusted me and the other students so much as to share their special stories.

10     Pettula Piennaar:

Meeting all the young ones in the group helped me to see and understand what the needs are in society with regards to the youth.

Salvage and enhance what is left with regards to education leadership potential and I would love to see more youth in this space!

It was soothing to see how liberated and confident the group was in being who they are.

11     Vikash Gajjir:

Diversity is a never-ending kaleidoscope which houses endless ability, opinions and views.

Although we need to trust in the process and cannot control everything, we can control our reactions.

Thank you for a fantastic weekend! I leave feeling rejuvenated, wanting to make a difference in today’s world.


12     Robin Julies;

What worked: I loved the practical aspects and the fun that we had and how it pushed everyone’s boundaries at least once.

I think the session with Yugesh really set the stage for the rest of the weekend.

I enjoyed the fact that people just said what was needed but still managed to remain respectful.

What did not work? Time constraints discussing gender, we simply need more time. I do realise there has to be time constraints, but it was so engaging & amazing.

The weekend overall: Amazing; emotional; thought – provoking; inspiring

All those things & more, we started by saying that we struggle to describe diversity weekends, because there is just so much to take from it and this time was no different!

I truly, in a sense re-discovered bits of myself that I lost track of for a while & it was nice to find me in me, but obviously “using” my peers as a catalyst or vessel this weekend,

13     Kirtanya Lutch

Thank you for showing us “life”: the experiences we have in interactions between 2 mediums. Every single encounter was so motivational, inspirational & the sharing & the connectedness could be felt! Everyone has overcome so much and risen beyond. Thanks for exploiting the opportunity of being South African and embracing diversity & tackling gender, family, racial & cultural issues in a free and open space, where everyone feels safe.

The programme allowed us to drop barriers and be real with no “persona”, but rather connecting at the core, seeing others as one’s own reflection, and learning from each other.

The activities & speakers like Yugesh and Ruth were so powerful. The paint & dancing was also incredible.

Having the ability to reflect in such a sacred space is beautiful and a wonderful opportunity and privilege.

14     Yugesh: AWESOME!!!

15     Anusheel: there was a better understanding of the various diversities. The programme was an eye-opener and more importantly a self-awareness exercise. It was well organized and well presented.

The speakers were well diversified and knowledge shared and would certainly be practical and handy in life transformation. In conclusion, it is a brilliant concept and social model to change the world around us.

         16  Jamy: Overall, the weekend has been an amazing exercise at reflecting upon myself and who I am. I came into this wanting to learn more about others and their ways or thoughts. I am completely stunned by the fact that instead, what prevailed was my own reflection. I think I just learned new ways to reflect upon my thoughts and actions and how they impact the world around me. I think that what stood out for me was everyone’s willingness to share their personal stories and to be open with us. It made me realise that I need not be ashamed of my story just as everyone else was. While I feel that I am generally accepting of others my biggest challenge this year may be to accept the diversity within myself and through doing that, I may understand and accept others. Coming into this, I thought that this weekend should be about people at a human level (my obsession with human rights) and I think that subconsciously, that was exactly what we focussed on. Thank you for this opportunity.











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