Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence   – Leila Falletisch

Saturday 23rd August 2014

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to Recognise, Understand & Manage Emotions in us & others.


  1. Thandiwe: The definition of emotional intelligence was an eye-opener for me. I had an idea of what it is about but not what it actually meant. It was also nice that Leila shared some of her experiences with us. I also enjoyed the activity we did with the wool as it showed how we are all connected in a group and how ones actions affect the whole group.

Self-check: I am going to work on my “predictability” box as I get a lot of responses from my friends about this. Most of the time they say I am very predictable.

  1. Welcome: I learnt that emotional intelligence can be learnt over time. Basically EQ involves identifying, recognizing and managing ones emotional behaviour.

What stood out for me was that reflection is very important which leads to identifying the problem in the situation then planning how to approach the problem, then to take action.

Self- check: After this workshop I realised I need to work on being easily distracted, and poor listening skills.

The workshop was an eye opener to me and I loved it a lot.

  1. Bronwyn: At first I was confused about emotional intelligence but as we unpacked and did some examples I understood the term.

I enjoyed the self-check and shared with the group that I am a “neat freak.”

Self- check: Together we planned how I could overcome this, by not spending too much time on being so neat. Writing on a blank piece of paper without lines is a first for me!

  1. Masa: This workshop has motivated me to take the time to reflect on how I am as a person, how I react to situations and my surroundings and where I can improve. Reflecting will enable me to be self-aware so as to engage better with others and my assertiveness in engagements.
  2. Eben: This session was amazing, I have actually noticed that I am very emotionally intelligent without even knowing it but after today I am aware.

Self- check: I am going to work on my patience. I now have an understanding of why I am sometimes impatient.

  1. Bianca: I think it is a very important concept to understand especially for our working careers. A concept where we can reflect on our emotions and how we react to others. Once we can recognise and understand our emotions then we can respond in a better way to handle different situations.

Self- check: I would like to work on being more consistent in a situation because I sometimes allow my own thoughts and response to be undermined.

I have a more of an avoiding response in a difficult situation.

  1. Lincoln: Todays workshop on emotional intelligence was very interesting as it was the first time I have heard about this topic.

I learnt to have an understanding of my emotions and resulting behaviour in different spaces and situations.

Also interesting: there are certain events (external factors) which lead you to react in certain ways but I have learnt that I can have control over internal factors and so behave in a different way.

Self-check: I have a lot that I want to work on but do not feel to be able to talk about it now.

  1. Edwin: Recognition: finding the balance with your emotions.

Self-check: Confrontational

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