Face Forward – Business Etiquette

. October 30, 2014

Date: 27th September 2014

Time: 08:30 – 17:15

Facilitator: Celdri de Wet

Venue: Erinvale Hotel

Session: 1 Best Business Practice

Session: 2 Networking



Business platform:

Adapting to the profession when dealing with family & friends was good for me to realise. It was amazing to learn how I still need to keep professional, even if I know the people.


Showing your professionalism even at the tea break is important. Interesting to see how people can judge you when drinking tea/coffee and how it depicts your character and personality. It is very important to do a course on table manners.

In the office space:

In the classroom in my case, I need to show my neatness and professionalism. If I am comfortable with whom I am then it will be easier for clients/parents to be more at ease.

Body language:

This part for me was extremely important because I work with young people and how I carry myself will be important, because the learners will either take me seriously or not, depending on my body language.

Social networking:

I was surprised at my shortcomings of these social networks and how it can impact on my career/profession. The fact that social media can ruin a person’s reputation or what others out there can see was an eye-opener.


Very interesting on how many platforms are available to communicate. I have learnt not to send unnecessary e-mails, but just relevant information and to the important people.



Very nice and practical on how to network at functions. I learnt to actually communicate and not just socialise.


This workshop was really important, because next year I will be entering the workplace and knowing all this information and applying it already makes it easier.

Bianca Bock:

Business platform:

  • I learnt to know your audience; people that you are introducing, especially when taking age, gender and degree of knowledge or qualifications into consideration
  • Giving a firm handshake and eye contact and repeating what you hear to make sure you are hearing the correct information were valuable skills


  • You need to use your own discretion, especially if things are not set out correctly or time is of the essence take the initiative and get things moving
  • Confidence and skills seem to be the outline in these situations along with good manners

In the office space:

One thing I take away is being considerate to your fellow workers and being presentable to others. Thinking before saying something, as it may be offensive towards others

Body language:

This is something I can still work on, as I do like touching my face or moving around, especially when I am nervous, so here I can take into account how I present the non-verbal part of myself

Session: 2 Networking

Social network:

This is an area I think I can work on especially establishing my Linkedin account and adding some filters to my Face Book account. This part showed me there are many ways to sell yourself well on social networks.

Overall: The workshop helped me establish a platform from where I can work, especially in networking and how I present myself. I think this foundation can help me to use the skills I learnt to better myself.

This was an eye-opener. Very well explained and presented. I think people get very confused when it comes to controversial topics like culture in the workplace.

Thank you for clarifying the importance of noting the difference when with family and when at work.


Business platform:


Very relevant points made. After today’s workshop I now know that I don’t have to just stand and wait for someone to tell me what to do. This was definitely a learning curve for me.

In the office space:

What stood out for me in this session was the part relating to how ladies should dress and look in the workplace, particularly the hygiene part & make-up. A very helpful session

Body language:

This was very relevant to us all, as this is what everyone sees before you even say something. Thank you once again for pointing this out.

Social Networks:

I had very little knowledge about LinkedIn and the group presentations cleared that up for me. I am now ready to go and create an account & get connected.

Communication & networking:

I enjoyed the networking session a lot. It was confusing at first, but it got clearer once Celdri made the comments in between our conversations.

Alicia Maritz:

Business platform:

  • That you need to stand up and be more professional
  • I learnt that you need to know how to relax when with people
  • To sit up straight when someone walks into the office so that they can see that you want to help them
  • Be friendly and open up to conversation if you don’t know the person- be warm and welcoming


  • Learn to look people in the eye when you speak to them
  • Speak to them, acknowledge them as it is more professional


Etiquette skills are always important as this is what makes or breaks you in the business world.

We should also discuss kitchen etiquette in the workplace as well as bathroom etiquette.

As always, Celdri gave lots of tips that are really helpful. E-mail etiquette is vey importantand the way you dress is extremely important.

Social networking:

Once again I realised that this image you create for yourself is something the rest of the world has easy access to. It can be an electronic C.V., so we need to maintain it and keep it relevant. This was excellent.


Business platform:

The discussion regarding the reasons why people interact differently within the workplace was very comprehensively presented.

The 16 useful tips are essential in appearing mature in the workplace. Perhaps the students should be given time to brainstorm what other bad habits or personal norms they can improve on in order to be more mature in order to earn them the respect from others

The pyramid diagram was great to show where we start off from and where we ideally want to be in the company. It was good that constant reference was made of this. In the working world progress is what we should strive towards.

The discussion regarding professional identity was very comprehensive and very relevant. It is certainly the expectation at my workplace.

Electronic communication:

More time should be spent on this section as it is often the area where most contacts/opportunities are lost or where first impressions are prone to be bad if this form of etiquette is not done correctly.

A worthwhile session


This workshop had really good points to remember. I especially thought the activity where we had to take messages over the phone was a good activity as I never thought about how to take a message before as I usually don’t have to take messages. There was given some useful tips about how to take a message. The activity where we had to do introduce a person was once again an interesting activity to know who to introduce first as I never thought about introducing the more important person first.

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