First ECHO student to complete the Cape Town Cycle Tour: Tiana Schultz

. March 12, 2015

On Sunday the 8th of March I did the Cape Town Cycle Tour for the first time. What an unforgettable event and a very unique race in the history of the previously named Cape Argus. For the first time ever, the race route has been adjusted and as result shortened the route from 109km to 47km. This was due to the unforeseen fires in the Cape Peninsula that broke out on the 1st of March which started in Muizenberg and spread to Ou Kaapse Weg, Chapman’s peak, Houtbay and Tokai.


Fortunately the race went on. People’s spirits were still high and the excitement was tangible at the expo where the race numbers and race packets were collected on the Friday and Saturday. The Saturday evening before the race I could hardly sleep. This was my first cycling race and I was fortunate to do it on a tandem with Johan Pretorius. Before sun rise we were up, dressed, ate leftover pasta and we were off. From start to finish, the race had a festive atmosphere. All shapes and sizes were represented. Our names were printed on our numbers that were pinned to our backs. This gave the race a personal intimacy between all the cyclists. You can actually cycle your way to a friendship before the 47km are done.


On the route there were five refreshment tables. You could get all the Coke and Energade your heart desires. We also had our share of bananas and bar ones. We were welcomed back at the Greenpoint stadium with a big crowd as we crossed the finish line. With my medal around my neck, I am very proud to say that I completed my first Cape Town Cycle Tour and I am looking forward to 2016’s Cycle Tour. – Tiana Schultz



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