Bridge to Success

  • ECHO will be launching an EDP programme for high school learners during April 2017.
  • We intend to enrol 15 grade 9 learners from schools in the Helderberg basin. (During 2017 we shall include suitable grade 10 learners.)
  • We are looking for learners who show potential to succeed. They will be attending a number of workshops during the year.
  • The purpose of the programme is to provide guidance and support to the selected learners in order to assist them in obtaining their career goals.
  • The EDP programme will focus on education, skills, culture, careers and financial support.
  • Not only will academic careers be focussed on but skills based careers will also be included.


We are planning to launch a Development programme for grade 10 and 11 learners who are showing academic or personal promise. The programme will be based on the principles of the ECHO EDP for tertiary students which were a huge success.  The plan is to select a small group of 10-12 learners in grade 10 &11.

 DOWNLOAD the BTS Programme Application Form


There are 3 elements to the programme. Academic support; Soft skills development (time management; accountability; money management  perseverance; writing CV’s etc.) and Social skills. Each learner will be assigned a mentor who will monitor the learners programme and identify needs and resources. Learners will attend regular workshops and also be exposed to social situations outside of their life experience will assist them to cope better in the workplace.

Learners will apply to be part of the programme. They and their family will be interviewed by the ECHO team. The aim is to identify learners who are showing potential to be successful in their career or job of choice. Depending on the funds available we may also consider financial aid for school fees.

The programme has been endorsed by a group of ECHO graduates who will avail themselves to be mentors and run workshops. They will also be in a position to be role models to the learners

We see this programme as a wonderful opportunity for Erinvale residents to encourage children of staff members or domestic workers that they have contact with. We envisage also that there are Erinvalers with special interests or careers who could add value to our workshops and social skills elements of the programme.

Currently a task team is refining the programme under the leadership of Patrick Laka, the first ECHO learner to be identified by Des. Patrick was part of our EDP programme and is now a qualified Accountant working in the Housing sector for first time home owners. Patrick has a spirit of giving back and in his words on Saturday said ‘ we will make this happen’