Making the Dean’s list:

. October 30, 2014

IMG_6816When I heard that I had made the Dean’s list I could not contain my joy but I was a bit unfamiliar with the criteria for this achievement. All I knew is that when you make the Dean’s list it’s something really special to achieve. Just to give you an idea of how big this achievement really is.

There are thousands of students in the Arts faculty that could at any time make the Dean’s list. In order for this to happen they would have to achieve a 75% or higher average on their overall progress. This takes hard work and a lot of dedication. From the thousands only 89 students made the Dean’s list.

We are then awarded with a certificate at a lovely ceremony hosted by the university. To make the achievement even more special, I was number 47 on the achievement list and this includes all the Arts faculty students in both post graduate and under graduate studies. This from a boy who couldn’t even get a B when he was at school, but by the grace of God and the support and encouragement from my family and Echo I am proud to be ambassador for the team that makes the impossible, possible.

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