Mandisa Intl. Maths Olympiad

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mandisaMy vacation was great especially the International Maths Olympiad at UCT where I was a guide to the Greek team. It made me realise how people perceive a quiet/introvert person. They assume you do not know much because one is quiet but after explaining to them that I am their guide and they must follow my instructions and not what they hear around.

I did not realise that English was the problem. I was speaking to their deputy leader thinking he will understand me better and translate to his students’ but amazingly the students understood me better and translated to the deputy leader.

We as people behave in different ways one thing that I also saw is that language can cause a huge problem. In Greek when you say YES, they say NHEA which to us as South Africans is a NO. So if they ask if they can go to a certain place and I respond by say NHEA they assume I say yes. I had to learn the basics which helped me communicate with my team much better.

It was a wonderful experience and I even got to play in the Marimba Band.

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