Marinel Bouwer

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Marinel Bouwer

This June Holidays I had the privilege to be a group facilitator at the ATKV youth conference. This is a conference where grade 11 learners attend to learn more about our country’s economic, education, and technology and community development. It was a chance for me to work with different learners personalities and also learned to tolerate long hours of listening and working in a group and to lead my group with projects. The ECHO self-discovery workshop was a handy tool that I have used to help understand these different personalities. Every time that I attend this conference it’s just an eye opener of how privilege I was to attend my school and the need there is in our country for schools with better facilities. I also had to help my group think of a community project that they could start in their communities and I was so surprised to have heard so many young learners ideas of really good projects that they could start in their community. This made me excited for our countries youth. Being an ECHO student it was easy to help the learners understand of how important it is to give back to the community.

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