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It was with great enthusiasm to be part of the development camp for the third time running this year held at the Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology.

When I started three years ago, I was a grade 12 learner that wanted a camp that would afford me the opportunity to make contact with important entities that could assist me in pursuing my dream to study Chartered Accountancy.

This is exactly what the camp did for me, and more. Such that I decided to pay it forward by becoming one of the people that ensure that the camp runs smoothly in terms of execution of the programme as set by the project manager in charge from the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. I became part of the programming team which basically ensures that as much as the grade 12 learners are there for the lessons, they are also looked after with fun times as well.

This was not all, as university students that have gone through the matriculation route, we also assisted in the lessons by attending to learners that sought help in the lesson, kept discipline during the programme times, attended to safety and health concerns, introduced and welcomed respectable and well known motivational speakers such as Mr Thando Melane, Mr Preston Jangblooed, Ms Karl Smith all qualified Chartered Accountants and some had been part of a SAICA camp in their teenage years.

The camp is mainly for Mathematics and Accounting learners more preferably those that wish to study Chartered Accountancy. However we also go on to mentor a group allocated to us (usually 10-12 learners), these learners are selected from schools around the Western Cape and are then accommodated at the Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology for a week where they have lessons, learn to network with others (making new and life time friends like me), listen to motivational speaker with the chance to ask questions from the guests and us as leaders. They are also exposed to various accounting firms that come for a career exhibition and also universities that come and give information to the learners. All in all these learners leave the camp enriched with knowledge, new friendships, and memories to treasure forever in their journey to Accountancy.

At times I had to think on my feet when something seemed to go wrong, and being in programming, keeping the learners alert and occupied when a speaker was still getting ready was a frequent task I had to perform. At one point during the award ceremony, the technology was failing and delaying the programme. This is where I stepped in and got the learners singing war cries we had taught them during the week, this helped saved the programme and ensure that the guests and sponsors that were present were not bored as we tried to have the technology fixed.

This camp is one of the activities I have devoted at least a week in my journey as a future CA to help inspire at least one learner in each camp to study Accountancy.

What motivates me even more is seeing learners being interested in becoming camp leaders for future camps.

Thank you,

Masamnkele Matshayana

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