Money Savvy

. February 22, 2014

Personal Development

Date: 22nd February 2014

Venue: Clubhouse

Time: 13:30 to 16:30

Facilitator: Lynette Pullen, Neasa may & Patrick Laka


Lincoln Barnabas:

This workshop taught me how to budget and to work wisely with my money. In applying the knowledge gained from this workshop I will be able to budget properly and to live within my monthly budget. This workshop also taught me how to be responsible adults in the future when it comes to budgeting. Patrick and Neasa’s presentation was plain and clear and simple. I understood it well. Good thank you!

Bianca Bock:

I think that money will always be part of us whether students or working adults. The budget planning will be the most important for me this year because I am starting to become independent. The fact that we also spoke about the credit and keeping a record of it is important so that in future we do not have any inconveniences that were caused during student life.

Edwin Cleophas:

It is important to keep a good credit rating always. What stood out was checking your credit history yearly, also being aware of hidden traps. Thank you for the workshop!

Bronwyn de Morney:

This workshop was very interesting and helpful. I now see how important a budget really is. I will try my best to keep my weekly budget as I realise how important this is.

Kirsten de Reuck:

Budgeting is such a relevant topic. Studying and living expenses are really expensive and as students we need to learn to use our money wisely, whether it is from a loan or parents or financial aid.

Practically I would like to focus on finding a way of budgeting that will work for me, so I can begin to spend the minimum possible.

Eben Johannes:

The budgeting workshop was informative for me especially because I sometimes run into financial difficulties with accounts. So I am going to start budgeting and also do an ITC check on myself in order to better my future.

Welcome Masoka:

This workshop gave a hint of how to balance my life socially and financially and how to build my character and qualities. Now I will make sure that I plan/budget my finances and network with people which will help me in the future. I will budget and build my personal brand as far as possible. All those components at the workshop gave me another insight into my life and I will strive towards making my life better.

Masa Matshayana:

The budgeting workshop was really relevant for me as a student with limited income. The tips are awesome and I plan to make use of them and share them with my friends who also have trouble being money savvy.

The credit checks and the budgeting template stood out as I could see the application already.

Thank you for a great workshop!

Mandisa Ndzule:

I have learnt a lot about money and budgeting. How to save and spend according to what I can afford. For me personally it was needed as I struggle to stay within my budget, but I realise that there are a couple of items that I do not add to my budget which make my budget incomplete. I will apply the information learnt today to make my life better.

Randall Pietersen:

I believe this workshop will force me to be stricter financially and do more planning with my money. It was relevant because it gave me practical examples of how to save money. It also gave me new tips about being financially aware.

Tiana Schultz:

This workshop is very relevant in my life. I must take charge of my money. I think I will get a better understanding of who I am and know that I am responsible. This will be important in the future when I want to work towards financial security for retirement and think about my family one day. I am going to start using the budget template and keep track of what is happening.

Nathan Theron:

I found Patrick’s session to be of great value. I find what he says to be very relevant and I agree with what he says about budgeting. I did find Neasa’s presentation slightly irrelevant in asking us to write down amounts in front of our fellow students. A budget for me is very personal. I don’t share with others the details of how much I receive or spend. That being said, I understand that both workshops and presentations were necessary and should be put into practice in our own personal space.

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