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. February 22, 2014

Personal Development

Date: 22nd February 2014

Venue: Clubhouse

Time: 09:00 – 11:00

Facilitator: Lynette Pullen


Lincoln Barnabas:

Listening to the feedback of the other students and learning about my brand, I realise that I know very little about myself!

I will reflect on the things that I have learnt here today and I will apply the things from the workshop. In future I will be better in branding myself.

Bianca Bock:

What stood out for me was that we should brand ourselves, think about our brand carefully. We can improve it and consider our strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. We need to use this analysis and make use of our opportunities and turn our weaknesses into strengths. It showed me that I must use all my best aspects and use it to sell myself and be the best I can be!

Branding myself so that I can achieve my goals such as getting the job I would like to have. I believe in the end that branding, attitude and motivation will determine where I end up, not so much the academic!

Edwin Cleophas:

What stood out for me was how important it is to know and grow your brand. I realised that you need to stay relevant.

I will be more aware of how I portray myself as I am a brand that I want everybody to like.

Bronwyn de Morney:

This was a very valuable workshop as I was able to get to know myself better as well as the person next to me. I think that it is important to know yourself. I will definitely change my brand for the better. First impressions are very important and I will work on bettering myself.

Kirsten de Reuck:

I enjoyed discovering my brand and being reminded that I need to work on improving how to share it with others. I also found the SWOT analysis valuable where I could reflect on my current Strengths; Weaknesses; opportunities and Threats.

If I think of my brand I would like to follow the example of Christ. If I claim this to be true I need to mould my life completely around what God wants for me and continue to practically grow and learn what that is.

Agnetha Jeftha:

What stood out for me was observing the various backgrounds of students and doing some introspection of one.

I will take what was learnt and apply it not only in my personal life, but influencing those around me.

Eben Johannes:

The SWOT analysis was very valuable because sometimes we need to look at our strengths/weaknesses/opportunities and our threats in order to stay focussed and humble even if we have achieved success. Reflection has never hurt anyone!

I will make sure that I do this SWOT analysis every term to see where I am going and to reflect.

Hilton Langenhoven:

What stood out for me was the feedback of the students and how one should promote one’s personal brand.

I will apply and identify the purpose of my brand. Develop a plan of action of how to maximise my brand taking into account what I have learnt here today. Never fail the moral of your brand!!

Welcome Masoka:

What stood out for me was personal SWOT analysis and relooking at getting others perspectives on the different topics and issues. I got the opportunity to look at my weaknesses and got some advice on how to turn my weaknesses into strengths. I was able to reflect on what others had to say about me.

I will make sure that I interact with others effectively and make sure I leave my mark. I will try to stay relevant through boosting my knowledge of what is happening in my surroundings.

Masa Matshayana:

The personal branding got me thinking and realising that maybe I am not really aware of the kind of person that I am and how others see me.

When we did the questions on what it is that makes me unique, my qualities etc., it took me some time to actually answer. I will now use the info from this workshop and use it to find myself, the person I aspire to be so that I can influence what others think of me.

Mandisa Ndzule:

What stood out for me was me looking at myself and my brand. Making a good impression really plays an important role in one’s life. Using what I have to make a better me!

As I am known as an introvert I was amazed when Bianca came to me during the tea-break and said to me, “I like the confident you!” It really made me happy to see that I am improving because I am applying what I have learnt in my daily life.

Randall Pietersen:

The SWOT analysis stood out for me, because it is a tool that I can use for personal reflection.

I will do my best to commit myself to implementing what I have learnt here today. I will also pay more attention feedback in general.

Tiana Schultz:

I have always struggled with how to present myself, and this workshop was very useful. Something that was not mentioned is that you should be proud of your brand. We now know how to package ourselves but now we need to sell it with enthusiasm. This makes me very excited.

I think I am now going to expand myself. I get easily cooped up with my small world. I want to be more knowledgeable in order to become more interesting, so that I can contribute to a conversation.

Nathan Theron:

I have definitely had to refocus in terms of my personal branding and the vision of who I am and who I want to be.

I need to make regular checks with myself to make sure that I am living the life I am striving towards. That is why the weekly feedback is necessary and a very useful tool in reflecting on what I can do better!

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