Our Inheritance

. September 15, 2014 . 1 Comment

by Eben Johannes

When I think about the word inheritance. It normally involves money and materialism. Most families fight over which family member gets which part and it normally causes family separation. This weekend I attended a camp with learners that is part of the schools ECHO Club. I did not know what to expect from this weekend but it was the most interesting weekend. Being around nature, surrounded by mountains and over a thousand insects, sounds creepy and most probably scary but I urge those reading this blog post to spend as much time in NATURE as possible.


Our Nature is our inheritance because it’s in our back yards, front yards, along the wall next to the garage, we walk through it every day. We all (even me) abuse our nature; take it for granted where around the world other humans and animals suffer from our actions. An interesting fact during the weekend was that 1.3 million children around the world are without food and die because of it. Some children cannot attend school because of a poor intake of food, or because they are sick of hunger or they are without parents because their parents died because of poverty and hunger.



Today our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, and what happens to the left overs, it gets thrown away in a bin. To think we eat this fancy food and delicacies but it comes from somewhere, most of our foods and medication come from nature and our animals are needed to prosper the process of harvesting. In order for us to be alive and healthy. We all live such busy lives but what is the problem of just spending one hour or even 20 minutes outside in nature enjoying the view or even taking that deep breath of air. That is just one way of showing our appreciation to MOTHER EARTH. Can most of us survive a night outside in nature ask yourself that question without any form of electricity or materialism???????
Most of us will probably die or even cheat, but there are ways to survive outside using nature and most of our survival skills come from animals believe it or not. I think as human beings we owe it to ourselves to look after our NATURE , plant, water, pic up paper throw it in a bin, re-use and recycle and get involved. In this way we are preserving our inheritance whats the use of having being surrounded by beautiful nature and not taking care of it.



As the 24 September 2014 signals HERITAGE DAY let us take a moment or even spend time admiring our beautiful INHERITANCE that being nature, we are one country surrounded by DIVERSITY and culture. Remember we learn through each other and giving back to nature is one way of also learning from our different cultures.



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