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Relationships – Leila Falletisch

Saturday 23rd August 2014. PM Session

  • Every relationship is a dynamic that happens between two or more people.
  • Into every relationship we bring every other relationship we have ever had.
  1. Mandisa: This was very reflective for me. Relationships from my family, the different parts that have played and the relationship (partner) that I am involved in.

I am quick to judge due to my inner world which created conflict at first because it was difficult for me to understand her way of life to mine. After thinking carefully and getting advice from people all became clear that I can only change what I can and what is in my control. Now we communicate clearly with understanding.

  1. Eben: The tree was a very wonderful and visual experience. For me the tree represents how you/one/ myself grow and how the whole affects our relationships.

The dolls were also a beautiful representation of how we communicate and how we bring our family members into our friends/relationships as friends can have a specific characteristic of a family member.

  1. Thandiwe: Personally I found this workshop helpful in terms of my reflective skills. I got to reflect on the relationships I have with the people around me. I also appreciate the “Helpful relationships skills” list that Leila gave us.

I will definitely use them as I tend to judge or conclude about people before getting enough facts about them.

Overall it was a wonderful workshop and I am sure it left most of us with lots to think about. Thank you.

  1. Welcome: This workshop was an eye opening one when it comes to relationships and how previous relationships affect or influence future relationships.

The tree was awesome when it comes to reminding me of the people who played a big role in my life when it comes to relationships and to the person I am currently. These skills will unlock the world of my relationships since I am a bit reserved when it comes to creating relationships.

Leila was very effective as she gave us a chance to talk and come forward with our views and so was able to elaborate on everything she spoke about.

  1. Lincoln: From the kick off the workshop was very good and it was a new learning experience.

I learned from both the facilitator and a fellow student regarding the “tree” that expresses the individual.

ROOT: represents the significant people in your life. The family is your roots.

TRUNK: the events in your life (negative/positive) that will shape you

BRANCHES: your personality /others describe you.

LEAVES: your behaviour

FRUIT: what you produce.

There are things you can change, but your ROOTS remain forever/

  1. Masa: I learnt how the importance of understanding how my past interacts with friends and family as well as the importance of the environment I grew up in can affect my approach to new relationships.

This workshop also taught me to know where I stand in relationships and to know I cannot change what is beyond my reach.

  1. Bronwyn: The activity we did with regards to the tree was very reflective because I had to think who/what is important to me.

The notes I will use as a future guide whenever I am stuck and need help in managing relationships.

  1. Bianca: Relationships form a big part of our lives and they impact on our choices and behaviour. It is important to understand types of relationships and on what foundation our relationships were established. Thus we can use the knowledge to deal with new relationships and how we approach them.
    The workshop also helped me understand how much I can only change of me and not of another. Relationships should be a gift we give each other so that we can all take an element from each other to establish who we are.
  2. Edwin: I really like this point: You can only change what is in your hands.

We all bring something different to the relationship.

Look at evidence before you react




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