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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle. As senior students reach the end of their student years, they have accumulated knowledge about specific subject matter equipping them for the world of work. The big question Higher Education institutions are facing worldwide is to determine if students are mentally prepared for the social challenges associated with change and transitioning to the world of work, i.e. from a student to young professional. Research has shown that our book smart young professionals often find it difficult to integrate theory into practice, not from a knowledge point of view, but rather from a social integration point of view. This includes, difficulty to stand up for themselves when joining a new team, being honest with their input and feedback,being able to clearly communicate on a professional level, articulating their point of view in meetings, dealing with clients from different backgrounds and avoiding conflict. The Self-discovery workshop’s aim was two-fold; to assist the senior Echo students to

*             1) discovery aspects of their preferred behaviour style which will either support or hamper their social engagement/establishing meaningful relationships and

*             2) understand how their profile will function in a team i.e. the dangers and pitfalls of their strengths, leadership styles and conflict mode.

edpThey were also introduced to the concept of feedback and feed forward and were challenged to give face-to-face feedback to fellow Echo students and to request feedback from trusted sources. This will prepare them to depersonalise feedback in the workplace, rationalise their feelings and gradually acquire skills to deal with setbacks. The goal- to develop them to become resilient proudly South Africans.

From a facilitator’s point of view I would like to thank my participants for their openness to feedback and for taking ownership of their Self-discovery journey. Their attentiveness and enquiring minds kept me on my toes. Thank you for grabbing the opportunity to …”grow with us through engaged thinking” – Mind Practice Consult


Date: 20th June 2014

Venue: Erinvale Hotel

Session 1: 09:00 – 15:30

Bianca Bock:

It is actually very interesting getting feedback about who I am. Some of it is very like me. I hope that discovering myself will help build my confidence and finding the true me. I think there is so much I can take away with me and build on becoming the best me.


I’ve done a few similar questionnaires already, but what stood out about this questionnaire is that I can’t “manipulate”the answers. It’s interesting to see the strengths and how precise they are. This will help me in the future as to how I react on things for example “to be more patient”.


I definitely got a lot more out of the workshop than I had expected. The road to self-discovery is a non-ending one, which was clearly highlighted by Heidi’s exercises. I am happy with what I have discovered about me. The questionnaires were very accurate in terms of describing a person’s behaviour (my behaviour). I am also glad that I have identified areas of improvement that I will need to work on over the next 4 months. Overall, it was a very useful, resourceful workshop that will be beneficial to all.


Today I expected to go home knowing myself better .After consideration and surveys I am the person that I know I am, but did not realise certain aspects in me. Today I will go home with a much better understanding about myself and my behaviour and ways of improving myself.

Date: 21st June 2014

Venue: Erinvale Hotel

Session 2: 09:00 – 16:15


What stood out was the fact that I was identified as 2 3 which describes me PERFECTLY! This workshop has given me an in depth view of myself and how I handle certain situations and also in the future how to deal with any situation.


This workshop made me realise how much of an impact people around us have on our actions and thoughts. I enjoyed the feedback exercise the most from fellow ECHO students, which was quite challenging. I appreciated the real and honest opinions I received and my points of improvement.


The start was great to get feedback from the other ECHO students, listening to the ways to compliment oneself. I have learnt a better way to manage conflict. At times one thinks you are a lot of all the things, but you are amazed that you are also one part of a bit of a bit. I also learnt a lot about resilience and being aware that asking for help is okay!


Firstly, let me say thank you to Heidi for the great effort she went to in order to make this workshop a success. Also I think that I really gained from viewing my life as a timeline and seeing growth in my life as well as an area of my life where I have to focus attention on. I need to look at what I want in my life and decide on what I don’t want.

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