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brent1  Today the information session with Brent was interesting and mind blowing. I asked him questions that I knew would be important to me especially if I am considering a teaching post abroad, which is something I have been thinking a lot about. He explained to us the process of applying for a vacancy overseas is difficult especially if you don’t have much experience and for us the new teachers it will be difficult because there are a lot of applicants with more qualifications than us.

The most important thing he mentioned was the fact that although things are very different overseas, it takes time and dedication to be successful overseas. Also he mentioned that as a person you must not be in it for the money but actually because it is a passion and you want to experience the world abroad. A second point he made was not forgetting where you come from and actually coming back to South Africa and teach the values and skills that one has learned overseas and apply it in South African schools.

brent2This session was very relevant and this information I will remember if and when I am ready to go overseas to teach, and also he emphasized there is a process one has to go through and also to be sure if you come back or go over -seas to be sure that you have a job to fall back on.

Thank you very much Brent for the valuable information and I hope and pray that all your documents are successful and that you enjoy yourself and do what you do best and have a SAFE trip.

I have learned that if one puts one’s mind to anything all can become possible. I knew there are differences /gaps in education when our country is compared to some countries so if you go to other countries you must return and apply all you have learned in order to better our education system.

brent3There were many things that Bret shared but the best part is when Bret said,” it’s not about cash but about doing what you love and enjoying it.” MANDISA

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