The Hub in the Helderberg Basin

. June 12, 2014

Not re-inventing the wheel!

A number of organizations got together at The Erinvale Hotel on the 11th June 2014 for an initial meeting to introduce the concept of The Hub.

This is a concept that was initiated in Canada, tried and tested with excellent results and then taken to Barbados and rolled out there on commission of the Bishop of the Catholic Church. The person responsible for getting this concept into being is a Canadian by the name of Dan Louie where different role players in a community make it their business of “getting people to help people”. We are well aware of the wonderful work being done in the Helderberg Basin, but there is little evidence of “cross-pollination” of ideas; support or a proper data base of those in need.

A need has been identified to set up a data base of skills, needs and wants and to get one “HUB” or core centre which will disseminate the information and effectively be able to get help in the form of clothing; food; shelter and a opportunities for those in need, which will be done in such a way that confidentiality will be adhered to.

The first meeting was met with enthusiasm and an action plan in the form of the next meeting date has been set in order to get the ball rolling. The directive is to invite as many other organizations to attend as well as business and community services.


A diagram showing The Hub concept

Date of next meeting: 25th June

N.P.O’s from the Helderberg Basin.

N.P.O’s from the Helderberg Basin.

Time: 14:00

Venue: Silver Oaks Lodge,

17 Reitz Street, Somerset West

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