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by Tiana Schultz

My heart just melts when I look into those dark, big baby eyes. I cannot stop staring at that small bundle, lying cosy in his cot. I am 21 years old and a full time student. This baby is not mine, but I do get asked that when I push him in his pram through the mall. Neither is he my little brother or cousin. Who is he then?


Three years ago my parents felt in their hearts that they want to help in some way. They especially wanted to get involved in helping babies. After a few phone calls and meetings and some paperwork, they were approved as temporary safety parents. Once a year, our home is open to a new born baby who will be adopted in 60 days. In these 60 days the birth mother has the choice to change her mind about the adoption.


Mother Care


My mother is in her element with the new baby in the house. Of course it is tiring and nappy change is not the most fun thing in the world. But no sacrifice is too big when you see that first smile and celebrate the rise in the baby’s growth chart. The question you probably want to ask now is: “Won’t you be sad when you have to give him to his new parents?” And the answer is yes. The baby becomes part of the family and he or she will be missed dearly. But it is a comforting thought when we know that he or she is going to a mother and father who really want to make a child part of their family.


But why am I telling you this story? Everyone asks themselves these questions at some point in our lives: Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? For centuries people have tried to answer those questions. I do not want to propose an answer but merely an observation. Something I see through my parents and countless other people that devote their time and resources to help others. My observation is that people want to reach out. People have this ‘thing’ in them that says “I want to make a difference”. We all have different scales of this ‘thing’ in us. But we all have it. We also play many roles in our lives to fulfil different purposes, be it parenting or in the work place. But to live purposefully for something more and bigger than you is to step out of your comfort zone.


You are probably already thinking of projects you want to be a part of. Maybe you want to start something in your community. Go for it! There will be challenges, but it will be worth it. My parents never looked back after that first day they brought a baby in the house. Neither would you.



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