Time Management

. January 18, 2014

Date 18th January 2014

Venue: Erinvale Hotel

Time: 13:30 – 16:15

Facilitator: Lauren Jansen


Lincoln Barnabas:

I have learnt to manage time wisely. In managing time wisely I will be able to achieve more things during the day. I will also be able to have enough time to rest/sleep during the night. I have learnt that if you do not get enough sleep you “sabotage” yourself.

I will plan my day

I will be able to do more task in the day.

Bianca Bock:

The discussion of planning, prioritising and focusing and also taking breaks between the students gave me a good way of reflecting what could work for me. I will be able to use the ideas from the other students and what personally works for me in managing time.

I think time management will be a key element in achieving my goals this year. It will help me become organised and relieve me of my stress.

Edwin Cleophas:

What stood out was how we sometimes fail to plan and then waste a lot of time. If we plan better won’t be pressed for time.

My planning this year will be strict. I will be on time and make sure that I plan for the unknown.

Bronwyn De Morney:

Planning is very important and one needs to plan to plan.

Managing your time is very important as this helps you get through a busy day.

I would take more power naps as sleep is very important.

I will manage and plan my time better.

I will study for 45 minutes and take a 10min break – tip from Lauren.



Kirsten De Reuck:

The 4 umbrella tips are useful. Getting a balance and prioritising, focusing and taking a restful break are important.

I always struggle to rest well when I am stressed so it was a good reminder that rest is good.

I will plan breaks where I can recharge and rest.

I will also take time to plan out my weekly tasks, however big or small.

Eben Johannes:

Prioritising my plans/meetings and sticking to it was what stood out for me. Also the sleeping part was very important, because I don’t have a sleeping pattern at all. Listening to new ways of planning and time management was great.

Being on time for meetings and being prepared for every workshop and meeting was good advice. I will review my sleeping habits.


The 4 ideas/tips for time management were very helpful and I will follow them accordingly.

This year will be quite a busy one for me, so with the time management skills that I learnt here, I will be able to plan for everything that I need to get done and get it done on time.

I will also suggest this to my other friends that I see are struggling with time management.

Welcome Masoka:

Sleep is good. Break tasks into pieces. This is valuable as it helps you to live life, have time for fun, for hobbies and for socialising without forfeiting success.

I net to set deadlines for myself, break my work up into smaller sections and get to live life effectively without feeling overwhelmed. In so doing I will be able to have more fun and a more balanced life-style.

Mandisa Ndzule:

The writing out of the hours that I spend on certain activities made me realise I do get enough sleep. But grouping certain things like social activities, meals & relaxation I will be able to save at least 4 hours, which will help me to give more time to planning.

I have applied the preparing and planning in the past years and every year there is something new that I learn.

This year I will start by combining related activities which will save me time.

Randall Pietersen:

The 4 tips stood out for me, because it gives you a guideline for when you are on track when it comes to managing your time.

I will be punctual to the best of my ability in all communication.

I will reflect each week on the status of my time management.

Tiana Schultz:

What stood out for me was that you must plan to plan. I just wake up every day and do not really know what I will be doing.

I will plan my days more and make sure that the study time I set out is effective. I lose a lot of time staring out of the window and not focusing.

I will change my working environment so that I will not get so easily distracted.

I will try to take regular breaks; because it happens a lot that I just sit for hours and not work as effectively as I could. Breaks are good/not bad!

Nathan Theron:

I definitely have made a few bad habits (reflecting now on the past) with regards to sleeping time and eating habits. I need to break those bad habits of staying up late and eating junk food.

I also over study or spend too much time hard at work, and don’t allow myself breaks to rejuvenate.

I need to plan to set more time aside for myself and have time to reflect and relax.

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