Voice Training Workshop

. April 12, 2014

Facilitator: Heidi October and Martin Devereaux

Date: 12th April 2014

Venue: Erinvale Hotel:

Session 1: 09:00 – 12:30


Facilitated by Heidi October and Martin de Abreu
Looking at all aspects of using the voice effectively and learning little hints and tips to improve basic things. Then going onto “Speak your mind or forever hold your peace” – debating skills and then actually debating the topic: Every eligible South African should vote”



Lincoln Barnabas:

In today’s workshop I gained new knowledge with regards voice training. For the first time I have learnt what impact my thoughts may have on my emotions and how it could affect my behaviour.

I will practise these skills in order to become a better speaker and I will also do what Heidi has requested of us: set goals on how I will better my speaking skills.

Bianca Bock:

I think that voice projection skills will be a factor that will form part of my career. I will need to inform my colleagues daily about work in the form of presentations and speeches. Therefore voice projection is an essential tool in getting the message across.

I personally feel that I can work on the “Frighten Cycle” to help me overcome my personal fears when I present and thus voice projection is a key concept to help me with this challenge.

Marinel Bouwer:

It was good to hear about how your voice can come across in different ways. I don’t really think about how I speak and how I react when I am nervous. Hearing those things I can now associate with the examples of how you feel when stressed. It is good to know that I am not the only one who experiences certain symptoms when stressed.

Edwin Cleophas:

I really liked the exercises which we practised as I can apply them to better my pronunciation. I liked the interactive training and learning, while having fun!

Bronwyn de Morney:

I could do with these skills in my profession. They will become handy during my studies as I have many presentations to do.

I enjoyed the breathing exercise as well as the tongue twisters. I enjoy new things and I’m always up for a challenge.

Eben Johannes:

I enjoyed this workshop especially the practical part of the workshop because it has allowed me to practice what was being taught. I will incorporate these skills in my lessons in the classroom, at university or wherever I go. This was an amazing experience and I gained a lot of knowledge.

Welcome Masoka:

I enjoyed the workshop as it gave me an insight into why people could possibly not be interested in my point of view if my voice is not used correctly. I now realise that one’s voice changes in different situations, so I need to know how to control it and use appropriately. I enjoyed the interactive activities. In my life I will always improve my voice and voice projection because it is important for my communication skills.

Masa Matshayana:

The public speaking presentation by Heidi was a check list session for me to help me become an effective speaker.

The tips will come in handy in helping to improve my public speaking skills and becoming a well prepared speaker. It has made me understand that the amount of preparation taken for speeches will only be worth it if my execution is correct.

This will be possible by using my voice correctly, through breathing correctly.

Thandiwe Mkhetshane:

When I arrived I felt very nervous and stiff, but I would like to thank Heidi for allowing us to ease up by making herself vulnerable to us. I really enjoyed the second session of the morning session. I think that Martin really grabbed everyone’s attention by cracking jokes and telling personal stories. Thank you ECHO! Very valuable

Mandisa Ndzule:

Having a good understanding of how the mind, body and voice can go along was very valuable for me. I struggle with my voice, which at times decreases the interest of the people I am talking to. So I realised that being negative will impact on my voice and body, which is what happens every time I have to speak in front of people. I will try to practice; practice; practice…..

Randall Pietersen:

I believe that this workshop was really relevant. First of all it allowed us to get to know our own voice. Secondly it allowed us to develop as a speaker. What I learnt will help me towards becoming an influential speaker and ultimately citizen.

Tiana Schultz:

What stood out for me was understanding that one’s thought patterns play an important part in causing anxiety, especially when they go around in a vicious circle. I will now focus on what happens in my mind and body in order to become calm, so that I can think clearly and on my feet when I am speaking and when I engage with my audience. I also think that the voice exercises were good to help with confidence and preparation.

Nathan Theron:

I found it very valuable to see how the diaphragm helps in balancing your voice.

I also took the point that Heidi raised seriously: When someone compliments you, stop and take it in.

I found that the workshop material was very relevant and I am definitely going to be able to give better speeches.


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