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maths1 Last week I was in a camp at UCT in which high school learners from around the world took part in two sophisticated Mathematics papers. It was a wonderful experience as I was a team guide for two countries consisting of seven learners from Bolivia and Cuba. Although we had a challenge of language differences since some students were not able to speak English, but we had great time together. On Thursday and Saturday we went on excursions and we took some nice pictures. The week went very well and I had a very experiential week, I learnt a lot about different languages and how to interact with people from different backgrounds. On Sunday the different teams made their way back home to their respective countries, although the mood was not quite cool but they had to make their way back home.



  • Opening ceremony when we were introduced on stage.
  • Visited Cape point, Cape of Good Hope, also learnt a lot about Cape Town heritage sites.

Closing ceremony: My students didn’t receive medals; they got an honourable mention that they did well. I am proud of the South African students as they did well and received a bronze medal along with Nigeria

maths2NUMERIC CAMP     Maths 24 for Primary Schools

With regards to the Maths Camp, tomorrow is the final day. The camp so far went great, I head fun and enjoyed it. I learnt a great deal about how to deal with young people and I had a wonderful experience that is vital for my profession. Although I had a lot of fun I had a challenge but fortunate enough I learnt from everything that took place at the camp.

Report from his mentor- Akhona



Rape Crisis pack: When Welcome bought the items in the pack he felt so emotionally attached. He felt the victims will appreciate the bear the most as it is a love soft toy that you can hug and hold to it tight when you feel hurt. He had a great feeling when he bought the basic toiletries for such a good cause.


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