Where Did the Church Go?

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By Edwin Cleophas

So apparently Apartheid and segregation was meant to uplift, grow and develop the country with the aim of better opportunities, privileges and more rights based on one’s own abilities, talents and potential. The only problem with this system was that it was designed to benefit only a small minority. Now it was not all bad as we did have a lot of success especially with regards to infrastructure and the economy. While Apartheid took its course, there was a lot of opposition specifically from black people who were being abused by this system. Amongst the most well-known anti-apartheid movements were the ANC and the Communist Party. These groups fought tirelessly for justice and equality for all South African citizens.


The church joined this fight and as the opposition grew, Apartheid started losing some ground. The churches involvement made a huge difference in the fight against Apartheid. Two very important documents that made a huge impact were the Kairos Document and the Belhar Confession. With these documents hundreds of different denominations came together and worked together to abolish apartheid, and was very successful at the end of it all. Unfortunately I have not yet found the document that stated that after the abolishment of Apartheid that the church can relax and enjoy the good life. This hard fought justice and equality came with some more unjust practices and inequalities.
Apartheid has been abolished for over twenty years, and things are looking really bad, specifically for the same people who were suffering under Apartheid. I am left with the question, where did the church go? When did their contract expire? What happened? Frankly, I would think that they would fight even harder when it is their own comrades who are abusing the people, but I don’t hear them making enough noise to even wake a sleeping baby.
What I do see and hear is the church leaders living the good life and not fighting so that everybody can share in this good life. I see a society at its knees begging for change; same like the ones during Apartheid. So what is the church waiting for? The way I see it, we don’t have fifty years to wait for them to react. So where did the church go? Busy fighting against each other about who has the best doctrine and who knows the best way to win God over, while the ones you should be serving go by the waist side. So what are we to establish from the church of today and the one from the bible that they only react when it’s too late? The golden rules connected to most denominations are; do unto others as you wish them to do to you and love your neighbour. If this is true, why do we do so little good unto others, why do we have so little love for one another that we will let our brothers and sisters die because they refuse to believe the same way we do? Preaching on a Sunday in a building will not help the people who are in desperate need for hope. I suggest you pack up your things and plan a road trip for the next 50 years because that is how long you might need to fix what you let slip.
Well in conclusion I ask you, where did the church go? Anyway if you find them tell them the people are looking for them as the last fight they had has flared up again, this time it has a new name: Instead of Apartheid we call it Democracy!

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