What ECHO has meant to me

. May 18, 2017

“I joined the ECHO committee, because being on the ECHO EDP programme myself; I fell in love with ECHO.

When I finished varsity I didn’t want to leave ECHO, because ECHO meant so much to me, that’s why I joined the committee, to stay part of ECHO and because I wanted to try and give back a little of what ECHO gave to me so kindly and lovingly.

ECHO is a family and all about caring and lending out a helping hand in the community and in the lives of individuals. I love this about ECHO. ECHO reflects the meaning of Ubuntu perfectly!
I am proud to be an ECHO member.”

Neasa May

An essential element of the ECHO EDP programme is mentorship – and this is where some of our volunteers truly shine. Mentors form supportive relationships with the students so that they feel safe sharing their academic progress as well as practising the skills taught at the monthly Life / Social / Business Etiquette workshops.

Here is an example of what this role can mean to a student:

“Good morning Mrs Pam,
Thank You, for your effort and guidance which you gave me during my journey in tertiary. I really appreciate your mentorship. You didn’t guide me only academically, but you were also a parent figure. I wish God will bless you for the good work and the impact on people’s lives with your skills of mentorship. Thank you.”


“The ECHO mentor meetings have been valuable because it helps me to be honest and open with Leila my mentor and share with her some of my concerns.

Leila has helped me with my planning and has given me guidelines on most of my academic and personal situations. These meetings help us as students cope and knowing there is a person that can give you advice and be with you every step of the way”
Eben Johannes

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